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sneakers buy supra,
shoes by Sergio Rossi & L.A.M.B.,
photos from Mobolaji Dawodu

Throwback super couple

Comedic genius Richard Pryor, and the beautiful blaxploitation film star Pam Grier were a hot item in the mid-70's.

roc This-with-That



If I had to choose only one label to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be Ralph Lauren's Purple Label. This sweater will set you back $1500. . . I know that sounds sic, but yo, she's gorgeous. Set it off with these shoes from Clae, and that's what we call "dope boy fresh".


currently at bloomingdales @ 59th & lexington

The Skateboard Gentleman

Pharrel is fast proving that his sense of style reaches well beyond the realm of skateboard culture.


Sam Javanrouh has a blog entitled "Daily Dose of Imagery" visually documenting the city of Toronto. Check him out at

Shaolin Flavor

Ye Shumeng, a Chinese born graphic designer, has produced a book of photographs of Chinese people wearing the old Chinese brand 'Warrior' sneakers.

Old Chinese sneaker brands have been getting a lot of attention these days. Not long ago, the old chinese brand Feiyue (Flying Foward) was one of the cheapest brands of sneakers in China, selling for 25 to 35 yuan.In 2006 a French company bought the label and began selling them in London and Paris for 40 to 50 Euro.

Andre 3000 as "Benjamin Bixby"

Mr. 3000's new label can be found at Barney's New York, and includes tweed plus fours and club sweaters with leather elbow patches. The collection was inspired by Ivy League athletics of the 1930s. I'm a fan of classic American clothing, so I'm curious to see more of what the line has to offer, but I seriously doubt you'll catch me rocking a pair of plus fours (which are the short pants in case you didn't know).
vinyl storage options for the crate digging junkie

for all my cats out there that make beats and spend hours in some dungeon looking for gems . . . hook your home collection up w/some of these very fly choices

link studios


container store

the galvanized cubes are stackable - thas a crazy clean look!

Archives: Jet Magazine October 14, 1954

Count Basie, Sarah Vaughn and Lester Young

Women's shoe series 2.5

Sexy peep toe-pumps by L.A.M.B.

prized possesion

from the still unreleased follow up solo effort by q tip

a local college radio station was throwing out some of their vinyl collection, i dont think they realized what a rare gem this was - but im certainly glad they didnt!


Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle ("Hotel Rwanda") plans to direct and star in "Miles Davis," a biopic of the legendary jazz innovator.

"I'm playing now, yeah," said Cheadle. "I've been touring so much and traveling so much, I haven't been able to jump back into the lessons so much but I play every day."He won't have to be perfect for the film. It's just an acting exercise really. "It's a work in progress, I'll tell you that much. It doesn't sound good to me but I'm not going to play in the movie. I just have to play so I'm comfortable with it. We have all of Miles' archival music. I'd never try to play it personally."


The coffee industry is worth over $80 billion, making coffee the most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil.

the legendary tod clifton

" . . . moving with an easy Negro stride out of the shadow into the light"

ally, rival, and opposite self of our unnamed protagonist, as well as my favorite character in the book - Tod Clifton seems to represent the anger and passion - and the internal polarity we currently face as young black men on the urban landscape

if you haven't had a chance to read the classic 'invisible man' by ralph ellison be sure to put it on your reading list!

Nerd Fresh

Get your nerd on, with this hook-up from NSF clothing, a label from out of Los Angeles. Add these snake print wingtips by Vans, and a slim fit pair of jeans, and your well on your way to being Mister Cool.

No. 1 Savile Row, Gieves & Hawkes

If you desire to don a fine, tailor made garment from these guys, you better make sure your passport is up to date, and your money correct.

Only a handful of men's tailors, can boast a prestigious Savile Row address, on London's world renown strip, and Mecca of mens tailored clothing. Gieves & Hawkes address is No. 1 Savile Row, which probably speaks volumes as to the notability of their craftsmanship, not to mention being in the business for two centuries.

The Can Am Spyder




. . . did I forget to mention, I WANT ONE?


A.M. Sunshine presents new flava from our favorite white boys: ALIFE

New York Times: Art Show Examines Gentrification in Harlem

Dionis Ortiz’s “Self Portrait” is part of a new art exhibition called "Evolution: The Changing Faces of Harlem" at Columbia University.Gentrification has been a very hot topic in Harlem, one of Manhattan largest neighborhoods, in recent years. To read the article in the Times, click on the link above. To see more of Dionis's work visit his website (Photo by Orit Darwish/Columbia University)

Below other work by Ortiz (from top to bottom Biz Markie, & Angela Davis)

SOUL SISTAH: Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu is definitely one of the most creative female artist of this generation. Artistic compromise is not a option- at any price. And while her unpredictable musical direction keeps the masses guessing, and sometimes even puzzled, her unwavering loyalty to honest self expression, has won the hearts and minds of a very loyal following.

Exotic pets

Sorry Vick, but pit bulls are played. Nigerians have taken their pet game to a new level of gangster. Meet Mainasara the hyena. Hyaenas have one of the strongest set of jaws on the planet. (Photos taken by Pieter Hugo in Nigeria.)


Malcom X with daughters Qubilah and Atallah Shabazz.

"Kings of Bling"

Big jewelry has always been an identifying mark of hip-hop culture, and don't expect it change anytime soon. Yet, with or with out hip-hop, believe me brothas would still be rocking their jewel bedazzled watches, gold chains, and medallions with the same unapologetic fervor. Many poor black people have always searched for solace in material things, be it jewelry, clothes, cars, or whatever could bring some temporary measure of dignity and self respect, especially in the face of poverty and racism. Eventually it just became something synonymous with our lifestyle.

Before rappers, it was bootleggers, number runners, pimps and drug dealers. Anybody who could get their hands on some real paper were trying to floss and look good- anything to feel better about themselves, even if it came at great cost. But it wasn't only poor blacks from the inner cities, it also included jazz musicians, preachers with their big Cadillacs, and even black professionals who sought what dignity they could buy through the social acceptance of elite universities, private clubs, and societies.

Nonetheless, all these things have served as emblems of prestige and prosperity for black people during times when many of our due liberties seemed to still eluded us. Now for better or worse it's just an everyday part of black culture, thus hip-hop culture. And in the spirit of competition, it's has always been a constant battle to one up the next cat.