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If I had to choose only one label to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be Ralph Lauren's Purple Label. This sweater will set you back $1500. . . I know that sounds sic, but yo, she's gorgeous. Set it off with these shoes from Clae, and that's what we call "dope boy fresh".


currently at bloomingdales @ 59th & lexington

The Skateboard Gentleman

Pharrel is fast proving that his sense of style reaches well beyond the realm of skateboard culture.


Sam Javanrouh has a blog entitled "Daily Dose of Imagery" visually documenting the city of Toronto. Check him out at

Shaolin Flavor

Ye Shumeng, a Chinese born graphic designer, has produced a book of photographs of Chinese people wearing the old Chinese brand 'Warrior' sneakers.

Old Chinese sneaker brands have been getting a lot of attention these days. Not long ago, the old chinese brand Feiyue (Flying Foward) was one of the cheapest brands of sneakers in China, selling for 25 to 35 yuan.In 2006 a French company bought the label and began selling them in London and Paris for 40 to 50 Euro.

Andre 3000 as "Benjamin Bixby"

Mr. 3000's new label can be found at Barney's New York, and includes tweed plus fours and club sweaters with leather elbow patches. The collection was inspired by Ivy League athletics of the 1930s. I'm a fan of classic American clothing, so I'm curious to see more of what the line has to offer, but I seriously doubt you'll catch me rocking a pair of plus fours (which are the short pants in case you didn't know).
vinyl storage options for the crate digging junkie

for all my cats out there that make beats and spend hours in some dungeon looking for gems . . . hook your home collection up w/some of these very fly choices

link studios


container store

the galvanized cubes are stackable - thas a crazy clean look!

Archives: Jet Magazine October 14, 1954

Count Basie, Sarah Vaughn and Lester Young

Women's shoe series 2.5

Sexy peep toe-pumps by L.A.M.B.

prized possesion

from the still unreleased follow up solo effort by q tip

a local college radio station was throwing out some of their vinyl collection, i dont think they realized what a rare gem this was - but im certainly glad they didnt!


Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle ("Hotel Rwanda") plans to direct and star in "Miles Davis," a biopic of the legendary jazz innovator.

"I'm playing now, yeah," said Cheadle. "I've been touring so much and traveling so much, I haven't been able to jump back into the lessons so much but I play every day."He won't have to be perfect for the film. It's just an acting exercise really. "It's a work in progress, I'll tell you that much. It doesn't sound good to me but I'm not going to play in the movie. I just have to play so I'm comfortable with it. We have all of Miles' archival music. I'd never try to play it personally."


The coffee industry is worth over $80 billion, making coffee the most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil.