"collective ego" Women's Shoe Series 1.5

Made from style, technique, value and quality, Giuseppe Zanotti has created the most intriguing shoes of today's time. With an internationally renowned company his focus is on tomorrow and tomorrows style, for he is a man with a passion constantly looking for more.

PF Flyers

You always need a fresh pair of whites for the spring.

"collective ego" Womens Shoes Series 1.0

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a small band of fly brothas who all possessed an impeccable sense of style, as well as a love for all things cultured - art, fashion, literature, music, history, and especially women. Set out on a mission to make the world a flyer place, their leader Bliss Coltrane, also made a vow, to give a very special gift to all the classy ladies of the world. Determined to give them something of immeasurable value - he gave to them something more precious than even gold - he gave them, an endless supply of the world's sexiest shoes.

Report Signature is a line of designer footwear that mixes the playful, ready-to-wear sensibility of its sister line, Report, with a more haute couture design aspect.

"Back In The Day"

Photos from Jamel Shabazz book "Back In The Day". Bags by Paul Smith

Alessandro Dell' Acqua




I would start off with a pair of solid dark blue denim. A slimmer cut jean would look real clean, especially since this is a narrow fitting sneaker. But unless you have a thin build you should avoid this style of jean. What ever fit you decide to wear, try to keep them as close to your appropriate size as possible (but do you). You definitely don't wanna get to crazy with the leg width, so save the boot-cut jeans for boots.

Ascot by
Forzieri Shirt by
watch D&G
Sweater by
Tommy Hilfiger

Kicks by
Alessandro Dell' Acqua

GEAR GAME: Lesson 1.0

The clothing is by Club Monaco. I added a couple shoe ideas to really set the look off. The Kicks are (from top to bottom) Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Personally I would loose the cuffs in the jeans. Other than that this look is real "ladykiller" The YSL joints would look especially fresh with a nice pair of tan cargos or chinos. I'm thinking relaxed fit that's not too wide or narrow at the ankle. You don't want to cover up to much of a shoe this fly, but at the same time if your like me and my people, you have too maintain that delicate balance of staying fly while keeping that b-boy swagger. (Click on the shoes to see larger image. They're Official!)

This out-fit is also from Club Monaco. I threw in the Christian Dior shoe and the watches by Lacoste. This look will carry you from Harlem to the Hamptons.

African "Edge-Up"

When it comes to style I hate taken short-cuts. It's all about German cars, Italian suites, Swiss watches, French cuisine and...African edge-ups!
Jay-z not even up on that man! (Photo's by Swiatek Wojtkowiak www.nygus.info)

Gil Scott Heron: Americas' Poetic Conscience

Scott-Heron's confrontational, no-nonsense street poetry and songwriting skills have inspired the modern Hip-Hop generation.

From Watergate to Apartheid, the Bicentennial to Reaganomics, and the Gulf War to gang wars, Scott-Heron has framed the issues for fellow political activists around the world. Indeed, for nearly four decades and over sixteen albums, Gil Scott-Heron has been a poetic conscience for America. (The album above, Pieces of a man, was Scotts' second album released in 1971)

"The Bottle" (Press menu to see more videos by Gil Scott Heron. I recommend "Is That Jazz")

"Burning The Midnight Oil" by Bliss Coltrane

Cardigan by
French Connection,
Watch by D&G

Style is poetry.

Banana Republic Loafers

A nice classic edition to any wardrobe.

Some "BLING" for this "SPRING"

Dropping Jewels

Classic skinny gold bangles

More Freshness From: Alife

My favorite are these black and red joints.

Black History: Louis Armstrong (Pops)

Pops loved all sorts of music. When asked his thoughts on country-and-Western and folk music, he replied,

"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song."

Many blacks criticized him for the way he spoke, and his habit of rolling his eyes, and flashing his toothy grin while performing. Misunderstood, he was labeled by some as a Uncle Tom and a minstrel. But in actuality he was none the like. Pops loved all people unless they gave him a reason not to. He never wore two faces. His personality was just as colorful off stage, as it was on.

For many years, he refused to perform in New Orleans, his hometown, in protest of segregation laws. In 1965, on learning of the violence taken against black freedom-marchers by police in Selma, Alabama, he told an interviewer:

"They would beat Jesus if he was black and marched. Maybe I'm not in the front line, but I support them with my donations. My life is music. They would beat me on the mouth if I marched, and without my mouth I wouldn't be able to blow my horn."

Reflecting on his more than 50 years as a musician, Mr. Armstrong said,

"There ain't going to be no more cats in this music game that long."