Gordon Parks: A True Renaissance Man

I don't think many people will argue that Gordon Parks was one of the greatest photographers of our time. He was the first black photographer to work for Life, and Vogue magazine. In the 1940's he became the first black to direct a major studio film "The Learning Tree" followed by "Shaft" one of the most popular black crime thrillers of all time.

On Friday January 25Th the Chrysler Museum of Art, in Norfolk, VA, will exhibit some of Gordon Parks' most famous works. Being a native of that area, I thought it would be a fitting time, as well as a honor to use this occasion to give tribute to a great pillar of black genius. Photographer, Film maker, novelist, poet and composer, Parks was a true Renaissance man. Here are a few of my favorite photographs.

I really like this photograph of the women. Gordon had an impeccable eye. It's perfect, the lighten, the way the lady and the skyline are framed. The contrast between the masculine buildings and her femininity is amazing.

He was a real master at capturing the pureness of a moment.

This image was used for the album cover of hip-hop recording artist Common "Like Water for Chocolate" released in 2000.