we still here

your boy a.m. sunshine here . . . been in the trenches and putting my work in and doing research on some good blogs for sales and sartorial wisdom

have two GREAT sites that bear regular visits:


this site pretty much gives you all the sample sales for menswear in nyc - but for those not in the nyc area many of the sales can also be taken advantage of online - make sure you hit this site


pretty much an online menswear mag wtih regular articles with sartorial advice, wisdom, reviews and such

I actually just read a great article on their with suggestions on how to dress without seeming or feeling 'pretentious'

I dont think most of us brothas have a problem in that department as we live by the whole peacock swagger style and have always dressed for maximum effect when we step up in the spot - but the article was good nonetheless so check it out, and then read your boys comments on the article, mine are first

check it out: